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How to choose a Web Agency?

  • Your website is your business story, told by a team of artists. So hiring those artists who actually are going to tell it to the world is a humongous task and a very important one too. Your website is going to bring business, so it is best advised to choose the best in the business to tell the world about your business. With so many websites out there today and so many artists telling stories, how do you find the best?  Here are a few things you must expect from a leading web agency:

    Are they cheap?

    You are expecting a company to put heart and soul into making your website. With such expectations, you must also expect them to charge you for that. Newer web agencies are popping up every day and the competition is fierce, but that being said, the ones who offer you a website at dirt cheap prices intend to copy and paste your website idea into a template. If it is cheap it is not worth it and it is worth it, it won’t come cheap.

    Are they experienced?

    The rise in the number of web agencies is monumental. Every day there is an entry of a new player in this business. However, you must be very skeptical while choosing a web agency for your business and must consider those who have been in business for long. Longevity means that they have seen the ups and downs of the industry and most importantly have survived them. Remember, “A calm sea does not make a skilled sailor.”

    Are they good listeners?

    Nobody likes a know it all. You are the sculptor of your business, so it is natural that you know the most about it. But is the web agency respecting this fact? It is important that they are listening to your insight into your industry. If the web agency doesn’t want to listen to your ideas then it is probably in your best that you do not proceed with them.

    Are they inquisitive?

    Being a good listener is paramount but asking the right questions is even more important. If the web agency is asking you the right questions it shows that they are actively listening to you and not just pretending. For instance, they might ask you about your leading competitors, what is your pitch when you go to a client, what are the plans of the company in coming future and so on. It is all right not to know the answers to these but if the web agency is asking you such questions that means they are dedicated to your project.

    Are they thinking mobile?

    If you encounter a web agency that advises you for a separate website for mobile, just smile and walk away. It is not in your best interests. More than half of the population accesses the internet through their smartphones and having a separate website is going to make your company bleed. A good web agency would never ask you to do such a thing, on the contrary, they would ask you to think about being responsive if you were not thinking about it in the first place.

    Are they outsourcing?

    A web agency that outsources its project to freelancers or smaller firms is no good for you and your business. The project would never be delivered on time, no one person is accountable, the quality would be sub-standard as making a website needs a dedicated team working together through every step in sync which is not possible in outsourcing.

    Are they big?

    It depends on business to business whether you want a big corporate kind of web agency that has thousands of employees working on hundreds of projects at the same time. Or do you want a web agency that has only one dedicated person in each department and only handling your project? Hitting the “sweet spot” of finding a mid-range web agency is the trick here.

    Are they willing to walk an extra mile?

    You can evaluate a lot about the company by the correspondence you have on a daily basis. A small personal note at the end of an e-mail could give you more insight into the company. Whether they would be willing to work a bit out of their terms and conditions just to help you out? It could mean a lot in the long run.

    Do they have opinions?

    “Any clod can have facts, having an opinion is an art.” It is imperative that during your conversations they come up with their own ideas and opinions. It represents that they have a creative bend and are trying to grasp your business idea. You don’t want to hire a group of yes-sirs doing nothing on their own but only what you tell them to.

    Do they have a marketing strategy?

    A web agency’s task is not finished just by making a website. A good web agency would have an in-house marketing department that would formulate and propose a sound marketing strategy for your website in order to increase the conversion rate on your website.

    Do they have dedicated content department?

    All things aside, content is king. You might have the best-designed website but if it lacks in content then it is as good as nothing. It is understandable that you do not have the time to generate content for your website. However, leading web agencies have dedicated content writers who listen to your story and give them their words making it elegant. If the web agency looks at you to generate the content, then you must keep on searching for other agencies.

    Do they have diverse projects?

    There are many agencies out there that handle projects from a particular genre and have developed a niche for themselves. If your business falls into their specialization, nothing better could have come your way. However, if you do not fall into their niche it is best for you to find an agency that is flexible and has the experience of handling different projects from different industries.

    Do they have references to give to you?

    Always look the company portfolio. Do not just scroll through the screenshots but rather visit the website. It will show you what the agency is able to achieve and what to expect from them if you hand over your website to them.



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