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Good Websites vs. Excellent Websites

  • I often am stupefied when people ask me, “Why having a website is necessary for a business?” If you too have similar doubts then I am sure this post can help you figure it out.

    Even if you are a 5 man company you need a website. The reason I say this is because 80% of potential customers use their smartphones to look for even local businesses. That is too many eyeballs.

    If you don’t believe me, tell me honestly, what you do when you want to find the best Chinese restaurant in the city? You google it like everybody else does. People depend on the internet to find where to go and what to buy. So this internet I speak of must be an interesting place to be at to meet new customers.

    If you are reading this, it would be either on your smartphone or on your laptop. We live in an era where satisfying the customer is not enough, you must engage them. Hoardings, newspapers, fliers, TV are very expensive and not so effective.

    The main reason why these form of advertisements are not as impacting is that the customer cannot engage with you. However, if you have a website they can read your story – what do you do, how do you do it, why should they choose you and so on.

    Moreover, you too can learn about how many people are interested in what you have to offer and you can learn from them what else you can do to make a difference and increase your business even more. “I have too many customers”, said no one ever.

    There are a lot of good websites but you must have an excellent website if you want to survive. You may already have a sprawling business but still be invisible to millions of people out there. It is only because you are not being available to the consumer where it is comfortable for them – the internet.

    Your first impression is your last impression because a user on an average spends 10 seconds on a website. My advice is – better hire a professional for having a lasting impact in those 10 seconds.

    Making a website is not a child’s play. It is an art and it requires expertise. The main reason why business houses have websites is to be available to the potential clientele – and some things are best done by professionals. There is an old adage, “Whatever good things we build, end up building us.” Websites are a customer’s window into the company. I think it is worth every penny to make a good looking guest room for a lasting impression.

    I often ask business houses to go after dedicated professionals to do their task rather than the lowest bidder. It is not a business deal for breaking the price. Your website is your investment in your company. Your website largely decides people’s perception of you. 

    The task is not finished once a website is complete it needs to be updated every now and then. Most of the times I find people complaining that they cannot spare enough time to explain their vision to the budget developer they have hired. Once through developing they often find themselves in another set of troubles that do not fall under the jurisdiction of the developer.

    The solution here is to find a company that has a dedicated team for different tasks and is loaded with experience and ideas. More importantly, the teams should be in sync so that they can brainstorm all the possibilities together. It is not a one-time thing, there is a lot more to make and maintain a website than meets the eye. If your business is booming you absolutely cannot spend time in guiding other people when you must concentrate on your business. You must have an army of professionals who understand your vision and is responsible enough to worry about your website.

     And that in itself is going to mark the difference between a good website and an excellent website. A good website like many others out there may tell your story but not vibe with people. An excellent website not only attracts people to you but also brings an opportunity of forming lifelong relationships.



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