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Expectations from a budget website

  • Websites come at a cost. Making and maintain a custom website, especially in the earlier phases of a startup or a small business, can be tough on your finances. However, digital presence is paramount in the present era where 50% of the consumers are using their cell phones to buy things on a daily basis. As they say, “Better to have something rather than nothing.” It is always a wise move to invest a little to get a budget website in order to curb this hidden loss of business through prospective clients. There are multifarious platforms one can choose to launch a budget website namely Wix, GoDaddy, Weebly, WordPress and many more.

    One often wonders, “What is the difference between websites made by web agencies and websites made through such platforms?” The first and foremost difference is – responsibility. All the work has to be done by you. From designing to content everything is your responsibility. The great amount paid to web agencies is for responsibility.

    Everything comes at a price, keep that in mind. There will always be added costs of added features and the estimated cost of maintaining even a budget website is likely to go up higher than your expectations. I have listed various aspects on which one has to compromise and pay an additional cost while going ahead with budget websites.


    You know your business in and out, probably every aspect that there is to know. However to generate the same idea through a website where you cannot talk face to face is something entirely different. You can often find experts saying, “Content is king.”  Generating supreme quality of helpful content on your own can prove to be challenging. You can always find an expert on freelancing basis to do it for you but that would not be cheap. It would be an added cost.


    It should be crystal clear that you are not going to get a one-of-a-kind design. The designs offered may be highly customizable, but not originally made to tailor-fit your needs alone. Often you will find that you want different components of different designs in a different manner. It is like a game of building blocks, you may be allowed to use blocks of different games but you cannot make your own blocks. You must have an objective mindset and know that at one point or other you are bound to hit a wall and will have to choose between what you want and what you get.


    There are many promises done and not many of them need to be kept, this loophole is the driving force of the business. Mostly what matters is – whether or not it is being promised. Despite the add-on security package, you may buy for your website, but still may be vulnerable. It can be boiled down to the fact that security largely depends on the code, templates and their code is not updated regularly thus making it prone to attack.


    SEO is the process with the help of which it becomes easier for search engines and hence people to find you. In simple words, if your website has a better SEO ranking it would be among the top results shown in search engines like Yahoo, Bing, Google, etc. You will not have a dedicated team to make your rank better and you would have to suffice by paying for an SEO package to get to the top.

    SEO is an uphill struggle for budget websites that are made on templates. Why? SEO is largely a process of identifying uniqueness, and you are using a template that may be used by hundreds of others for different purposes. For a search engine, your website is similar to those hundreds of others and standing out among 100 copies of you is a battle in itself.


    You will have to invest your time in making it a success and along with that, you will have to shed some extra bucks to get added features that would really help your website a lot in both long-term as well as short-term. There is a limit to the amount of flexibility but if you can learn to work with that it can give you your desired advantage. Obviously, with time when you have more business, lesser time and a bigger budget, you could go for a custom website.

    Let me know what problems you are facing with your budget website. I would be happy to help you to work your way around your troubles.


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