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Why you need a custom website?

  • Each business story is unique. The reason I say this is because you may be just selling tea but your story as for how you got into the business of selling tea and what it means to you is different. Maybe your life depends on it.  In the online world, you represent your story through your website. You’ve put all your life and investment into making that business rise – and that should be conveyed through your website.

    Business houses spend lavishly in designing and decorating their offices because that is supposed to give the first impression and it should be good. But company offices are not what your customers see at first nowadays. It is your company’s website that comes under their scanner so your website must convey the message your company wants to.

    A template is a box

    The basic difference between a custom website and template website as I would explain to a five-year-old is that a template is a pre-designed box. The box is not going to change its dimensions, material, the color just so as to make you comfortable inside it. Now, you may buy an expensive box or a cheaper box and the specializations of your box would change according to the price you pay.

    However, remember it will always be a box – a box that you cannot break even if you wished to. It is designed in order to satisfy the demands of a large number of people and not according to the particular taste of any one individual or company. You may be using a particular template for your business and your friend may be using the same template for propagating an entirely different business. You cannot build a brand on a template. Template websites are cheaper, may be up and running in a few hours but they could cost you your business.

    It is like you go to buy a nice readymade shirt – it may be too short or too big, the sleeves may be shorter than your arms or the color may not be what you had in your mind- in short it is highly unlikely to go to a store and find a readymade shirt that is perfect, you will have to adjust on some factors to fit in. You are not unique, in fact, you cannot be because the same design is being worn by hundreds of other people who went to a similar store and bought a similar shirt. You would be lost in the crowd when the whole agenda was to stand out from the crowd so that you would be easier to find.

    Custom is the new black

    There are scores of benefits of a custom website. Over the top of my head – it is unique, SEO friendly, secure and highly personalized. You have a website that represents your business so it is natural to assume that you want to be on the top. For that your website needs SEO, and for SEO, templates are a big no. Any SEO specialist would tell you the importance of custom design in their field.  You may be using a template that was developed in 2005 which is no longer adaptable to the present day requirements.

    Let me be blunt, you tell your story to win hearts. Your website is an impression of you. The better you look, the more are your chances of forming new relations. Your website is a means to attract new customers and make sure that if they click, they click to buy – technically that is called conversion rate. You will find experts speaking volumes about the importance of a custom website.

     I’ll be honest it will be much more expensive than a template website. However, it is an investment, not an extravagance as it will start paying for itself in a little time.



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