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  • Google is going to rebrand and redesign its office apps, rebranding G Suite with a new name: Google Workspace. The new branding will integrate the product that emcompasses Gmail, Meet, Docs, Calendar and Sheets and feel more integrated with each other. 


    Google changed its pricing tiers a bit, by adding a new “Business Plus” allowing more device management features. 


    An example of new features,  a Chat window can spawn a new document for everybody in the group without needing a new tab. Instead of chasing each other's cursors or opening up a chat window, you can start a video call at real time on the same window for everybody active in the document. 


    The idea of integrating all apps into little pieces is not entirely new, Microsoft Office has been trying something like this. Google’s launching similar capability in their workspace will be challenging for Microsoft. A press release 

    From the VP in charge of Google Workspace, “ Javier Soltero” quoted “ this is the end of ‘office’ as we know it.”


    Google has already integrated Google Meet into Gmail as one of the big steps. Now, Google is looking to bring more users by convenience of integrated services, in which you don’t need to look for another tab. 


    Google Workspace will allow users to bring up small previews of other working documents. Google will increase the use of “smart chips,” that can pop up when you @-mention somebody in a document. 


    The ambitious features, like starting a video call or creating a doc from a chat window, will be out soon in the “coming week” or “coming months”. 


    It is right to say that all these changes and updates sare desktop-centric. 


    Finally Google is going to make an iconographic change for it Google Workspace. It will be something in multicolor. 


     G Suite (Google Workspace) becoming faster and updates in the Soltero (General Manager and Vice President of G Suite at Google) first year in charge are more substantial than several years prior. This makes sure about Google putting in RND and getting ready to give a hard time to Office.  


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