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Online marketing is very important in order to grow your business and expose your product and services to a wider range of audience. As the term itself says, email blaster is nothing but sending the details and the information about the product/services through emails. For this, one has to create a list of email address that one can derive from the customers and clients. You need not sit and compose for separately for each email address.

You can also have a record of who has checked them and who have responded and who have just opened it. This method is very effective as the clients who are interested in your product gets the details and there are more chances that he will revert you for placing orders.

Here are some of the reasons why one should adopt and follow the email blaster sand why they have been proven successful

  • Hotmail has 302 million users whereas Gmail and yahoo have 289 million users.
  • 74% of the adults who prefer online email for communication.
  • 50% consumer place order and buy and as a results email blasters derive more conversions.
  • Reasonable and feasible for all types of businesses.

Our approach to email blasters is something like this.

  • Step 1: You select us for email blasters / email marketing campaign
  • Step 2: In juts a day’s time (24 hours), the client representative will introduce you to the project manager.
  • Step 3: Project manager will send you an introductory email.
  • Step 4: Designing of the mail according to the client’s feedback. One cam also do customization here.
  • Step 5: HTML coding should be performed on the email
  • Step 6: The mail accounts are tested for spams.
  • Step 7: Analysis of the competitor
  • Step 8: Filtering of the database that is done in the analysis.
  • Step 9: Within 24 hours the reports are sent back.
  • Step 10:You will be offered a platform for checking the reports of google analytics for the authenticity.
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